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How to Stay Ahead of the CRA


Small business owners and the self-employed start every year from groups like the semi-retired, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and those just wanting to follow their dreams. As you start down the road, don’t make the mistake of not staying in line with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Here are some important tips to follow:

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A Tax Audit - What you Should Know

taxaudit Tax Audit - What you should know

From time to time, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits tax returns and claims for rebates to ensure they comply with the country’s taxation laws. The objective is to ensure that taxpayers meet their obligations and receive amounts to which they are legally entitled.

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I Can't Afford to Pay the Taxes Owed? What Can I Do?

late Pay the Taxes Owed

If you can't afford to pay the taxes owing, you should file your tax return by the deadline to avoid any late-filing penalty. Once you have submitted the return, call the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regarding the payment that is due. Under some circumstances, interest and penalties can be waived. More information can be found here.

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Independent Contractor vs Employee – Which is Which?

employee Contractor vs Employee

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will use detailed guidelines to determine whether someone working for you is an independent contractor or an employee. It is important that you understand the difference and classify that person correctly, otherwise the difference could have a hugely negative impact on your taxes.

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