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Apply Good Cybersecurity Practices at Home

cyber Good Cybersecurity Practices at Home

Often, we only think of the workplace when it comes to protecting our privacy. It seems that when we get home, it’s not as important. Homes now have an increasing number of connected devices, so protecting our family by being vigilant will bring comfort at home. Following the few tips will go a long way to protecting yourself:

  • Make sure listening devices are only listening when you want them to. It is not uncommon for tv commercials to trigger a response for one of your home assistants.
    • Alexa
    • Google Home
    • Siri
  • Change all preset passwords and generate strong ones for every device connected to your network.
  • Make sure that wireless network(s) in your home use WPA2 and not WEP encryption. This will also protect you from people driving around neighbourhoods searching for unsecured wireless networks.
  • Divide up your home devices onto separate networks where applicable.
  • Smart TVs and other streaming devices on one network.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) devices on one network.
    • Security cameras
    • Smart lights
    • Home assistants
  • Home Office on one network.
  • Create a Guest network for visitors
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